IRIS J.S.C. was founded in October 1991 and since 2015 the associates are Athanasios Presvelos, Ioannis Presvelos, Ioannis Georgopoulos, Lampros Choutos, Evangelos Presvelos and Vaia Mouzioura.

    The company provides consultant services to the Public Sector, Public Authorities and Corporations, Local Authorities, Organizations and Corporations, Construction Companies and other Private Companies.

    More than 20 employees work in the company's central offices, mostly engineers and other higher education specialists. According to the various projects demands, other associates and professionals temporarily work for the company. Local offices are established during major projects.

    Athanasios Presvelos is IRIS J.S.C. administrator.

    The company’s central offices are located at 82 Vrilissou Street in Athens in a specially equipped building, with total area of approximately 600 square meters.